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cross shore bahamas LTD is only kiteboarding company and store and school in the bahamas.

we are full service shop snd school capable of kiterepairs and gear storage as well as selling kiteboarding gear ,we use cabrinha gear in the school and we allso sell best kiteboarding and airush at the moment.

my wife (sorry ladys I’m married with 3 kids) and I own the company and web site cross-shore bahamas LTD.



thermal winds of summer in nassua bahamas 2006

two years ago summer, the winds where awsome 15 – 18 kts SSE every day just about (my wife wanted to devorce me for kiteboarding to much)

last yearsummer the wind sucked, the trade wind had moved 160 miles ESE of Nassau bahamas.

it’s late spring here and the wind has gone SE(it’s summer) allready ,witch is a good sign the summer trade wind is back over Nassau.

There are a few hurincanes predicted this year so we will just have to see what effect that has on our wind conditions.

so far so good and it can only get better.

bahamas in june

Goombay Summer Festival is held every weekend in June and July At Arawak Cay, on the outskirts of Nassau. It is the perfect place to sample the "real" Bahamas with food vendors representing each of our major family islands and each island's local food specialities. Try curried mutton, crab'n'rice or homemade icecream. Enjoy samplings of our local Junkanoo and Rake'n'Scrape Music. Join in a traditional game of marbles or watch the boxcar races as Nassau steps back in time to an era before television and the internet. For more information and schedules visit the Ministry of Tourism Website at

bow kites

Bow kites :: thekitehouse Bahamas::


Bow kites have revolutionized the kiteboarding industry

Since Cabrinha brought out the crossbow I have been teaching and riding on these kites,

The learning curbe is quicker for the kite handling and student feel more confident with the water relaunching .(which was a sore spot with the C kites)

They are the only kites that might break the kiteboarding in 6kts barrier.

The bar is amazing with the 2-1 pulley ratio power and depower on demand.

I think that it’s amazing time in the kiteboarding industry with the new blood of the bow kites .(it’s only the early stages of bow kites and they can only get better)

Bow kite is the only sort of kite I use now.

AJ Watson

Thekitehouse Bahamas

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