profile of kitesurfing instructor AJ watson


Aj profile
level 2 IKO instructor and school owner operator
age 36

home town
Melbourne Australia borne in port of Spain Trinidad and Tabago

where I live and ride and teach
Nassau Bahamas and the islands of the Bahamas
with 3 kids (who would of thought)
years kiteboarding 9

Worst thing that ever happened to me kiteboarding:
Getting Tea bagged on some rocks..I lost a lot of blood and ego that day and was truly humbled by nature. and it made me take a step back and look at what was and is important to me. I have a gnarley scar on my forehead to remind me to be humble.

fav trick
massive kite loops and S bends..big waves and to ride with my friends and push each other.
things I do other than kiteboarding and teach kiteboarding: chasseing my kids around and building my house. Whilst trying to answer the phone check the weather reports and email..(mad skills at multi tasking) and spend some time with my trouble and strife (wife).

what are my goals.. to spread the stoke of kiteboarding to as many people as possible. and hopefully when I?m old and to injured to to ride or teach my kids will take over the school, and have as much fun/stress as I have had through out the years. And be as ethically balanced as possible when it comes to biz ,life and my use of the environment.

Religious Views
Christian ( but a gnarley one)
Political views
None at the moment
Best thing that has ever happened to me :

Leaving Australia to go walk about. Getting lost and finding myself


kite camp spanish wells November 2009

cross-shore crew (ausie matt)
cross-shore crew (ausie matt)

Kite camp Spanish wells nov 2009
Explore the islands of the Bahamas and shred it up kiteboarding.
See the real Bahamas . Kite Camp this winter starts in November 20th 2009 in SPANISH WELLS Bahamas.
We will be Based in Spanish Wells  We will stay in an awesome little house on the beach and spend our days island hopping.
You will have a great experience of real island culture and see the best of the Bahamas with our experienced friendly local crew from Cross-Shore Bahamas Kite Boarding School.
We are proud to have guest Pro Rider (Bucky Ashcraft) with us coaching advanced courses and showing you how to take your kitesurfing to another level.
Don’t worry you don’t have to be an advanced rider to join us on this great camp. Beginners and Intermediates are also welcome.
Take Nothing but Photos, Leave nothing but Wake. Details Price USD2,500.00 p/p book before july1st and get 10% OFF. There may be  variations in the above price depending on if you would like a separate room. Please contact us to confirm exact price.
Price Includes All island transport in spanish wells  BY van and dune buggy Meals, Snacks and Drinks Use of latest 2009/2010 school gear and Instruction High res digital Pics and Video Accommodation IKO rider certification
::Price Excludes::
Alcohol! Sunscreen Flights Travel insurance for kiteboarding Spanish Wells, Bahamas.
Duration 7 days 6 nights  to 10 days 9 nights Suitability / Level ..All Levels from beginner to advanced rider
Minimum Age14
Max Group Size 10
Available only for November 20th to 30th.
Itinerary & Highlights we are limiting the group size to 10 students/riders ( per 7 to 10 day trip) so the trip will not lack in the personal touch .
You will get the most out of riding ..and instruction .
Also the riding area will not be crowded. if your wondering what the food will be like Spanish wells …it’s a world renound fishing village. fresh seafood daily from stone crab claws to a fish so nice the named it twice mahi mahi..
You will see the real Bahamas with the local crew cross-shore Bahamas kite boarding school Accommodation & Center Details We will be staying in a beautiful newly renovated house which is 8 footsteps away from one of the best kiting beaches on Spanish Wells! The house sleeps 8 comfortable….. shared bedrooms and Kitchen. Wifi internet access cable tv. Compressor for pumping up kites.

Nov 20 – 27
$2500.00 for total beginner  intermediate to advanced riders with there own gear will be $1900.00
Nov 20 – 30
$2800.00 for total beginner ,intermediate to advanced riders with there own gear will be $2500.00

2009 kitecamp spanishwells Bahamas

Woman’s Kite camp Spanish Bahamas wells November 2009
November 10th through 20th
November 21th to 31st coed kite camp. Spanish wells Bahamas

Explore the real Bahamas and shred it up. You will have a great experience of real island culture with our friendly local crew from cross-shore Bahamas kiteboarding school.
Don’t worry you don’t have to be a advanced rider to join the trip.

The wind direction for the riding area is good from west to East North east. 15 to 25kts
Warm turquoise water, white sandy bottom , and decent wind to shred it up in.(generally we do not leave Spanish wells because it is the best place to ride in that part of the Bahamas because of the wind direction and the flat water)
Great meals,kewl people full immersion kiteboarding.
Accommodations: newly built houses right in the waters edge dorm style accommodation…
(Separate rooms can be organized but will be more expensive.)
The group size is limited to 10 kiteboarders of all levels.
Kite boarders will have the option to stay for 7 to 10 days
7 days 6 nights $2500.00 USD
10 days 9 nights $3,000.00 USD
if you are a advanced rider with your own gear no instruction needed $1800.00 for 7 days $2300 for 10days.
all meals and drinks and accommodations are included. (No alcoholic beverages or sun screen included dose not include travel to and from Spanish wells Bahamas)
Lessons if you are a beginner to intermediate level are included .
All riders will be IKO certified to the skill level by cross-shore IKO instructors.
If you would like to travel light and use the cross-shore gear “not a problem”
If you would like more info on the kite camp please contact
Or call 242 362 4702

just cruising along
just cruising along

info on kiteboarding in the Bahamas

THE BAHAMAS for kiteboarding

INTRO – Shallow, flat, warm and safe water off the beaten path away from
tourists on a Caribbean island measuring seven by 21/7 miles…

Nassau is the capital city of The Bahamas and is located on the tiny
island of New Providence. Although it is less than 150 square miles in
area, the island is packed with activities and attractions for visitors
to enjoy, not least the blossoming kiteboarding opportunities.
From flatwater riding to waves..awsome down winders.

160 miles east of Florida the weather conditions in the Bahamas are
perfect for kiteboarding during the windy season (October through June)
with steady trade winds and warm, clean, clear water. The teaching area
is shallow and flat with an almost constant cross-shore wind. The kite
beaches are virtually deserted with less than 20 local riders! Students
and riders have all the space they need and want.


Winds in Nassau are warm and steady, with about 20 days a month bringing
winds of at least 15 knots during the season. The best time of year for
advanced riding is early spring (April/May) when riders can take
advantage of stronger winds and awesome wave riding.

The water is in the high 70s (25°C+) year round, so no need for a
wetsuit; board shorts and rashy will do the job!

EATING OUT: 4 stars
NIGHTLIFE: 3 stars
FAMILIES: 4 stars
SINGLES: 3 stars
After a long day at the beach Nassau has world class dining and
nightlife, where you may spot a celebrity eating at the table next to
you, or stumble across a movie or magazine shoot. From the simplest
roadside restaurants offering local delicacies at budget prices to
gourmet restaurants serving signature cocktails, you can find a meal to
suit every taste and budget. For those days when the wind is lighter, or
if you just want to take a break, there is always lots to do, from
excursions to other islands, deep sea fishing, helicopter rides, diving
with sharks or world class golf. Just be sure to book extra excursions early.

ATM: There are international ATM machines in Nassau and the local
currency (the dollar) is interchangeable with the American dollar.

CURRENCY: Bahamas Dollars (BSD) £1 = BSD1.99 / €1 = BSD1.45

Nassau (NAS) – Just hop in a cab and you’re a short ride away from your

We offer a kite caddy service to all of our visiting guests  wich includes pick up and drop off to and from the hotel to and from the beach..
On no wind days you could rent a scooter/moped or easily rent a car and cruise around discovering the island.
Also there is a great interisland ferrie system, weekly we do day trips depending on the wind forecast.

Cross Shore Bahamas has developed the kiting industry in Nassau, with
the only kite school and gear supply in the area. They have Ego free IKO
instructors available for private 1:1 lessons or group lessons up to
four students per group. They teach all levels from complete beginner to
advanced riders. A kite caddy service is also available for advanced
riders and general kite and board rental is another option. Store your
kite with them and they’ll even repair it if you prang it, too! Besides
being a full service kite school, they are happy to act as your personal
tour guides.
Language spoken by instructors: English
Tel: +1 (242) 362-4702

2009 Kiteboarding season is here .

Well it’s winter time already, the water temp has dropped about 4 deg to 74 deg it’s so cold I have to where a rash guard.

kite camp Spanish wells is just around the cnr ,while I’m on the subject of kitecamps, we at cross-shore love to explore the Bahamas as much as anyone eles..kitecamp is not a bunch of tents on the beach ,we rent a nice house ,cook good food ,have good vibes and great kiteboarding,I love to show tourists and new visitors to the Bahamas the islands of the Bahamas,and we do so in style (affordable style).

the ease of travel whether is be a charter plane, boat ,Bahamas feries makes it easy to travel from the Free port ,the berry islands ,Abaco’s to Nassau Bahamas to the Exuma Cays.

Cross-Shore Bahamas kiteboarding school is based in Nassau Bahamas but not limited to Nassau,as I said we love to ride and explore.

here is a link to some hotel option In Nassau Bahamas ..

if you need any help with travel plans and kiteboarding trips to the Bahamas give me a hail,I answer emails with in 24hr and because I am on the water most of the day I can’t return phone calls until after 5 pm so leave a message and I will get back to you asap.

cheers AJ Watson  owner operator cross-shore Bahamas Kiteboarding school

(242) 362-4702

Bahamas kiteboarding lessons and IKO students standards

Cross-shore Bahamas Training
These full immersion Kite Courses are special designed to maximize your training.
You’ll get all the quality instruction on these courses plus extra theory and full use of the school Equipment and demo gear, under Supervision for as long as you want to ride for. This way you’ll be able to safely understand Kiteboarding/kitesurfing in the quickest  time possible.
These course are for those who are serious about going home competent Kiteboarder/kitesurfer.

One Week Intensive Kite Course
20 hrs (5days) Instruction & Unlimited Supervised Equipment usage for (2 day after course is finished)  $1200.00
Two Week Intensive Kite Course
40 hrs (10days) Instruction & Unlimited Supervised Equipment Use     (4 days after course is finished)     $2200.00 (save $200.00)

IKO Certification
Discover Kiteboarding/kitesurfing
Power kite/foil trainer kite fun!
Using a Foil Kite
Also known as the Wind widow course
Crash course for kiteboarding widows/widower.
Do you want to test the waters a bit and see if kiteboarding/kitesurfing is for you.
: Lost your wife or husband to kiteboarding/kitesurfing ? This is the course for you! Learn the basics of kiteboarding including all the lingo, how to help launch and land kites safely, and get into the action yourself by flying the fun foil trainer kites.
$150.00 3 hrs
2 hours instruction 1 hr assisted 3hrs in total.

* Determine the wind direction
* Wind window
* Power Zone and neutral area’s
* Introduction of the clock system
* Launching Landing
* Foil Kite set up and checking
* Safety Awareness
* Basic piloting skills
* Release bar
* Awareness of the used area
* Theoretical support

IKO Level 1A
Part 1: Safety & Body Dragging
4 hour lesson

* Determine wind direction
* 4 line Kite set up and checking
* Safety systems
* Basic piloting skills
* Introduction of the clock system
* Release bar & recover kite
* Awareness of the used area
* Kite recovering on land
* Wind window theoretical support
* Launching with an assistant
* Power zone discovery
* Twist and untwist the lines
* Release bar & recover bar
* Landing with an assistant
* Harness piloting
* Release bar 3 unhook and release
* Kite water re-launch simulation
* One hand piloting
* Release bar 4 use quick release
* Winding lines on bar simulation
* Self rescue simulation
* Boat rescue pack down simulation
* Body dragging 1 Underpowered
* Kite Water re-launching
* Power control unhooked.
* Maintain power unhooked
* Continuous power to Left and right
* Kite packing down
* Wind effect awareness

IKO Levels A-E Level 1
Part 2: Water Start & Riding
4 hour lesson

* Spot analysis
* Independent Four line set up
* Body dragging with long lines
* Body dragging one hand
* Upwind body drag with and with out board
* Water start sequence on land (no kite)
* Theoretical support of water start
* Board recovering
* Water start

IKO Levels F-H Level 2H
Independent Kiteboarding/kitesurfing
Part 1: Riding Upwind
4 hour lesson

* Spot analysis
* Basic weather knowledge
* Independent Four line set up
* Four line kite adjustment
* Four line kite piloting
* Using the chicken loop
* Right of way rules
* Riding in both directions
* Stance
* Edging
* Stopping
* Accelerating
* Controlling speed and direction
* Recover board without leash
* Riding up wind

IKO Levels I-L Level 2/3
Assisted Practice
4 hour lesson
Only available to IKO Level 2 Kiteboarders
4 hours with all the equipment and a personal assistant.

IKO Level 2
4 hour
Lessons given according to your level
with instruction and equipment

IKO Level 1-3
Advanced Training
4 hours

* Riding up wind
* Recover board without leash
* Riding a twin tip
* Turning
* Jump theoretical approach
* First jumps
* Grabs
* Riding toe side
* More hang time
* First Back Loop
* First Front Loop

IKO Level 3+ 4 hours

Please note: The amount of time spent on each level depends upon the student’s abilities.
More or less time may be spent according to your Instructors advice based on your skill level.
Prices are per person and include all Kiteboarding Equipment, Instructors and Assistants. Price also includes Equipment, Personal Injury and Third Person Liability Insurance.

All students will receive an IKO Kite Boarders Certification Card to certify their skill level of Kite Boarding.

Supervision is for those who can not stay upwind or need some assistance, or if your instructor does not think you are ready to practice alone. Supervision includes all the Equipment you need plus an Assistant who will stay with you and keep a close eye on you for your safety.

Rentals are supervised and  subject to terms and a deposit. You must be a level 3 IKO rider and be able to ride up wind to rent unsupervised. (meening just renting not taking a lesson)
If you do not have an IKO Kiteboarders Card then a short assessment will be given. (Additional $50)

Advanced Training is for you, if you want to move on to the next level and start to jump, make power turns, ride switch or back rolls hooked in kiteloops, then take a one to one Advanced Training Session with a level 2 instructor. Catered to your learning needs, lessons are conducted with Radio Helmets,

Cross-shore Bahamas kiteboarding/kitesurfing school is a school with a reputation for it’s open and ego friendly instruction.
Where all levels of kiters from complete beginners to advanced riders come to take kite surfing lessons.

Located on the south shore of Nassau bahamas island
90% of the time we are located on the south side of Nassau.
10% of the time we chase the wind around the island.

Price includes all conveniences Cross-shore Bahamas facilities:

* wash down area for kite cleaning,
* gear storage and repairs
* air compressor,
* rescue boat service,
* showers,
* restroom,
* parking,
* beach chairs