info on kiteboarding in the Bahamas

THE BAHAMAS for kiteboarding

INTRO – Shallow, flat, warm and safe water off the beaten path away from
tourists on a Caribbean island measuring seven by 21/7 miles…

Nassau is the capital city of The Bahamas and is located on the tiny
island of New Providence. Although it is less than 150 square miles in
area, the island is packed with activities and attractions for visitors
to enjoy, not least the blossoming kiteboarding opportunities.
From flatwater riding to waves..awsome down winders.

160 miles east of Florida the weather conditions in the Bahamas are
perfect for kiteboarding during the windy season (October through June)
with steady trade winds and warm, clean, clear water. The teaching area
is shallow and flat with an almost constant cross-shore wind. The kite
beaches are virtually deserted with less than 20 local riders! Students
and riders have all the space they need and want.


Winds in Nassau are warm and steady, with about 20 days a month bringing
winds of at least 15 knots during the season. The best time of year for
advanced riding is early spring (April/May) when riders can take
advantage of stronger winds and awesome wave riding.

The water is in the high 70s (25°C+) year round, so no need for a
wetsuit; board shorts and rashy will do the job!

EATING OUT: 4 stars
NIGHTLIFE: 3 stars
FAMILIES: 4 stars
SINGLES: 3 stars
After a long day at the beach Nassau has world class dining and
nightlife, where you may spot a celebrity eating at the table next to
you, or stumble across a movie or magazine shoot. From the simplest
roadside restaurants offering local delicacies at budget prices to
gourmet restaurants serving signature cocktails, you can find a meal to
suit every taste and budget. For those days when the wind is lighter, or
if you just want to take a break, there is always lots to do, from
excursions to other islands, deep sea fishing, helicopter rides, diving
with sharks or world class golf. Just be sure to book extra excursions early.

ATM: There are international ATM machines in Nassau and the local
currency (the dollar) is interchangeable with the American dollar.

CURRENCY: Bahamas Dollars (BSD) £1 = BSD1.99 / €1 = BSD1.45

Nassau (NAS) – Just hop in a cab and you’re a short ride away from your

We offer a kite caddy service to all of our visiting guests  wich includes pick up and drop off to and from the hotel to and from the beach..
On no wind days you could rent a scooter/moped or easily rent a car and cruise around discovering the island.
Also there is a great interisland ferrie system, weekly we do day trips depending on the wind forecast.

Cross Shore Bahamas has developed the kiting industry in Nassau, with
the only kite school and gear supply in the area. They have Ego free IKO
instructors available for private 1:1 lessons or group lessons up to
four students per group. They teach all levels from complete beginner to
advanced riders. A kite caddy service is also available for advanced
riders and general kite and board rental is another option. Store your
kite with them and they’ll even repair it if you prang it, too! Besides
being a full service kite school, they are happy to act as your personal
tour guides.
Language spoken by instructors: English
Tel: +1 (242) 362-4702


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Gday well I was a sailor for a few years that met a girl in the Bahamas and came back to visit her , got married 3 months later and that was 10 years and 3 kids ago. A lot has happened from then to now. How does the kite boarding fit into this? Well a few years ago my friend Capt Ben Gillard ,hooked me up with an old naish kite and a hammer direction board and said here ya go. And I haven’t looked back since. anyways I have been developing kite boarding in the Bahamas for a few years now.(a learning exp) AJ Watson

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