Bahamas kiteboarding lessons and IKO students standards

Cross-shore Bahamas Training
These full immersion Kite Courses are special designed to maximize your training.
You’ll get all the quality instruction on these courses plus extra theory and full use of the school Equipment and demo gear, under Supervision for as long as you want to ride for. This way you’ll be able to safely understand Kiteboarding/kitesurfing in the quickest  time possible.
These course are for those who are serious about going home competent Kiteboarder/kitesurfer.

One Week Intensive Kite Course
20 hrs (5days) Instruction & Unlimited Supervised Equipment usage for (2 day after course is finished)  $1200.00
Two Week Intensive Kite Course
40 hrs (10days) Instruction & Unlimited Supervised Equipment Use     (4 days after course is finished)     $2200.00 (save $200.00)

IKO Certification
Discover Kiteboarding/kitesurfing
Power kite/foil trainer kite fun!
Using a Foil Kite
Also known as the Wind widow course
Crash course for kiteboarding widows/widower.
Do you want to test the waters a bit and see if kiteboarding/kitesurfing is for you.
: Lost your wife or husband to kiteboarding/kitesurfing ? This is the course for you! Learn the basics of kiteboarding including all the lingo, how to help launch and land kites safely, and get into the action yourself by flying the fun foil trainer kites.
$150.00 3 hrs
2 hours instruction 1 hr assisted 3hrs in total.

* Determine the wind direction
* Wind window
* Power Zone and neutral area’s
* Introduction of the clock system
* Launching Landing
* Foil Kite set up and checking
* Safety Awareness
* Basic piloting skills
* Release bar
* Awareness of the used area
* Theoretical support

IKO Level 1A
Part 1: Safety & Body Dragging
4 hour lesson

* Determine wind direction
* 4 line Kite set up and checking
* Safety systems
* Basic piloting skills
* Introduction of the clock system
* Release bar & recover kite
* Awareness of the used area
* Kite recovering on land
* Wind window theoretical support
* Launching with an assistant
* Power zone discovery
* Twist and untwist the lines
* Release bar & recover bar
* Landing with an assistant
* Harness piloting
* Release bar 3 unhook and release
* Kite water re-launch simulation
* One hand piloting
* Release bar 4 use quick release
* Winding lines on bar simulation
* Self rescue simulation
* Boat rescue pack down simulation
* Body dragging 1 Underpowered
* Kite Water re-launching
* Power control unhooked.
* Maintain power unhooked
* Continuous power to Left and right
* Kite packing down
* Wind effect awareness

IKO Levels A-E Level 1
Part 2: Water Start & Riding
4 hour lesson

* Spot analysis
* Independent Four line set up
* Body dragging with long lines
* Body dragging one hand
* Upwind body drag with and with out board
* Water start sequence on land (no kite)
* Theoretical support of water start
* Board recovering
* Water start

IKO Levels F-H Level 2H
Independent Kiteboarding/kitesurfing
Part 1: Riding Upwind
4 hour lesson

* Spot analysis
* Basic weather knowledge
* Independent Four line set up
* Four line kite adjustment
* Four line kite piloting
* Using the chicken loop
* Right of way rules
* Riding in both directions
* Stance
* Edging
* Stopping
* Accelerating
* Controlling speed and direction
* Recover board without leash
* Riding up wind

IKO Levels I-L Level 2/3
Assisted Practice
4 hour lesson
Only available to IKO Level 2 Kiteboarders
4 hours with all the equipment and a personal assistant.

IKO Level 2
4 hour
Lessons given according to your level
with instruction and equipment

IKO Level 1-3
Advanced Training
4 hours

* Riding up wind
* Recover board without leash
* Riding a twin tip
* Turning
* Jump theoretical approach
* First jumps
* Grabs
* Riding toe side
* More hang time
* First Back Loop
* First Front Loop

IKO Level 3+ 4 hours

Please note: The amount of time spent on each level depends upon the student’s abilities.
More or less time may be spent according to your Instructors advice based on your skill level.
Prices are per person and include all Kiteboarding Equipment, Instructors and Assistants. Price also includes Equipment, Personal Injury and Third Person Liability Insurance.

All students will receive an IKO Kite Boarders Certification Card to certify their skill level of Kite Boarding.

Supervision is for those who can not stay upwind or need some assistance, or if your instructor does not think you are ready to practice alone. Supervision includes all the Equipment you need plus an Assistant who will stay with you and keep a close eye on you for your safety.

Rentals are supervised and  subject to terms and a deposit. You must be a level 3 IKO rider and be able to ride up wind to rent unsupervised. (meening just renting not taking a lesson)
If you do not have an IKO Kiteboarders Card then a short assessment will be given. (Additional $50)

Advanced Training is for you, if you want to move on to the next level and start to jump, make power turns, ride switch or back rolls hooked in kiteloops, then take a one to one Advanced Training Session with a level 2 instructor. Catered to your learning needs, lessons are conducted with Radio Helmets,

Cross-shore Bahamas kiteboarding/kitesurfing school is a school with a reputation for it’s open and ego friendly instruction.
Where all levels of kiters from complete beginners to advanced riders come to take kite surfing lessons.

Located on the south shore of Nassau bahamas island
90% of the time we are located on the south side of Nassau.
10% of the time we chase the wind around the island.

Price includes all conveniences Cross-shore Bahamas facilities:

* wash down area for kite cleaning,
* gear storage and repairs
* air compressor,
* rescue boat service,
* showers,
* restroom,
* parking,
* beach chairs


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Gday well I was a sailor for a few years that met a girl in the Bahamas and came back to visit her , got married 3 months later and that was 10 years and 3 kids ago. A lot has happened from then to now. How does the kite boarding fit into this? Well a few years ago my friend Capt Ben Gillard ,hooked me up with an old naish kite and a hammer direction board and said here ya go. And I haven’t looked back since. anyways I have been developing kite boarding in the Bahamas for a few years now.(a learning exp) AJ Watson

3 thoughts on “Bahamas kiteboarding lessons and IKO students standards”

  1. Hi,
    Looking for a week of Kiteboarding in the Bahamas. Week starting Nov 22nd.
    Do you have some availability?



  2. I am looking to take an IKO certification course. I have been kiting for 7 years and would like to be certified to teach.
    When is your next course I could attend? How much is it and how long does the course take?
    Thank you for your time
    John Gurr

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