EL NINO year great for strong Trade winds.

There has never been a better time to come and ride in Nassau Bahamas.

inexpensive air fares from just about any major airport in the USA to Nassau Bahamas–check out spirit airlines or jet blue ridiculously cheap.

Accommodation in Nassau .

I normally send kiters to Orange hill (orange.com) tellem Aj sent you there and you will get 10% off accommodation.

The riding spots are uncrowded.. no laws (common sense is all you need)

The locals friendly and the beaches safe.

Nassau is the hub. .Out islands easy to get to via ferry or plane for your virgin kite boarding spots.

With a El Nino summer coming up we should be having rad wind all year.

Anyways if you’re interested email me for more info xshore@gmail.com

or check out my web site for pics and vids.

Aj Watson


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Gday well I was a sailor for a few years that met a girl in the Bahamas and came back to visit her , got married 3 months later and that was 10 years and 3 kids ago. A lot has happened from then to now. How does the kite boarding fit into this? Well a few years ago my friend Capt Ben Gillard ,hooked me up with an old naish kite and a hammer direction board and said here ya go. And I haven’t looked back since. anyways I have been developing kite boarding in the Bahamas for a few years now.(a learning exp) AJ Watson

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