kiteboarding in the bahamas

Kiteboarding in the Bahamas

With AJ from cross-shore Bahamas

I find that the best thing about being a kiteboarder in Nassau Bahamas and running a successful KB school ,is the proximity to the close islands with diverse riding, butter flat water ,decent waves and a few awesome virgin spots to rip it up in. ( I have taken a few cherries away from these surrounding islands.)

Nassau Bahamas is 135 miles away from the east coast of Florida.

They “the people of the Bahamas” call Nassau a jewel in crown of 700 islands glistening in the sun.

The water temp is 70 deg all year round a bit warmer in summer.

British air has daily flights from England and virgin fly’s in once a week.

Other than that there are always deals on air fares to get to Nassau.

The kiting season really kicks off around end of September when the trade wind changes from ESE to ENE av wind speeds in winter are 15 to 20 kts.

Summer time we get a good sea breeze that kicks up a fare bit when the tropical storms and hurricanes hit.

Kiteboarders choice for accommodation if you want to get the island vibe and experience I suggest staying at orange hill ( tell them AJ from cross-shore sent you, there are many different option’s for accommodation in Nassau form backpackers to high roller .

We are opening up two new location’s for day trips this winter from Nassau ,Spanish wells and harbor island .

Plenty activities to keep the wife and kids busy while you rip it up.

If you don’t have a wife to report back to and kids to jump all over you after a day of riding , “no worries” Nassau has an awesome night life plenty night clubs and bars.

Duty free shopping /snorkeling /diving/ jetski rentals or just kicking back on the beach.

The local riders are friendly and helpful.(just watch out for crazy Pedro the dude doesn’t have a clue and ya can’t tell him other wise.)

The local spots for riding in are uncrowned and awesome.

If you can’t stay up wind you will need to get a lesson.


Things not to do in Nassau

The local herb is not legal be careful if you get caught ,Nassau has #3 of the world worst jail system in the world other than Bancock and Mexico.

Don’t rent a scooter heaps of tourists get hurt every day ( we drive on the left over here)

Rent a car you tight asses.


Must do’s

Go to goldies at arawak Cay and have a sky juice (gin and coco nut water with condensed milk leg opener) and a conch salad (conch in pronounced, conk don’t say it like it’s spelt because you will clearly sound like you are not from here)

Check out paradise Island Atlantis the aquarium is amazing

And go get a few cheap t-shirts from the straw market down town.

Go ripen it up with the local crew cross-shore Bahamas we will take you to places that are off the beaten path.and give you the true taste of the Bahamas.

Take nothing but photos leave nothing but wake AJJ




cross-shore Bahamas LTD 1 242 393 3261 for gear to buy or rent, lessons all levels, kite cady service and out island experiences.

Bahamas ministry of tourism web site pretty accurate weather reports for Nassau Bahamas.


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Gday well I was a sailor for a few years that met a girl in the Bahamas and came back to visit her , got married 3 months later and that was 10 years and 3 kids ago. A lot has happened from then to now. How does the kite boarding fit into this? Well a few years ago my friend Capt Ben Gillard ,hooked me up with an old naish kite and a hammer direction board and said here ya go. And I haven’t looked back since. anyways I have been developing kite boarding in the Bahamas for a few years now.(a learning exp) AJ Watson

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